Londonderry Destination Imagination all in the Top 10 at Global Competition

The results are in and Londonderry did extraordinarily well at the Global Finals! All three teams competed in the ViDIo Lit Hits Challenge with a focus on Playwriting, Literature, Fine Arts/Theater Arts (Music, Choreography), Technical Design and Construction, Design Process, and Teamwork.

  • The team from South School finished in 10th Place out of 64 teams! They did an exceptional job for this group of 5th graders.

D.I. Global Finals South School Team

  • The team from Londonderry Middle School finished in 6th Place out of a 65 teams! Not only that, these 8th graders received a very special DaVinci Award for Outstanding Creativity. This was the only DaVinci Award given in that challenge, in any of the three age levels.

D.I. Global Finals 2009 Londonderry Middle School Team

  • The team from Londonderry High School finished in 5th Place out of 54 teams! With 8 consecutive visits to Global Finals, this marks the 5th time that these juniors have scored in the top 10!

D.I. Global Finals 2009 Londonderry High School Team

Special Note: Teams at the Global Finals are scored in three different areas, which all combine for the overall tournament score. The three areas are the Central Challenge which is the actual 6 minute performance the team brings to Globals, the Side Trips which are two special projects the team brings and incorporates into their performance, and the Instant Challenge which is an unknown problem the team must solve and perform on the spot.

Both the LHS team and the LMS team received top scores and finished in 1st Place for their Central Challenge.

Congratulations to the Londonderry Destination Imagination organization, to Laura Lee who is the district coordinator, and to the Londonderry School District for all of their support. Londonderry can be very proud of their unbelievably creative kids!

Londonderry, New Hampshire High School Video from Nashville TN Destination Imagination Global Competition.

Londonderry Middle School Video from Nashville TN


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    This is really quite an accomplishment for Londonderry, its schools, and the individuals involved. To have three separate teams make it to Global Finals is itself remarkable. But, to have all three place in the top 10 of their respective divisions — unbelievable!

    Well done to all concerned, and a special acknowledgement to the managers of the three teams, who selflessly devoted countless hours over many months to support these students. The attention mostly goes to the members of the teams who get up and perform, but they simply could not have accomplished what they did without these wonderful managers supporting them every step of the way. Thank you!

    Finally, an undertaking like this requires support of the whole community, to include substantial financial backing by groups and individual donors. Thank you, Londonderry, for your encouragement and all your help through the fundraising. We think these students have made you proud, and represent the best of Londonderry.

  2. I am so very impressed with the talent and creativity these teams brought to the finals. This is no small task and the town should be proud to have such representatives. Thank you to the coaches for their support and the teams for their work and dedication.

    Well done.

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