Ding-a-Ling Carts Return to Londonderry

Children concerned when asked if they would like a ride.

Spring in Londonderry, before the apple trees bring us “pink tip” and the blossoms open to the buzzing bees searching to make sweet honey another song fills the air. The “Ding-a-Ling” cart with it’s treasure trove of ice cream novelties rolling down the streets and culdesacs.

Photo Illustration  of a Londonderry "Ding-a-Ling" truck

Racing to the house little ones gather change and dollar bills from parents to run back to the streets for little treats. In the Raintree and Imperial Drive area Thursday afternoon two little girls were chasing after the ice cream truck when a man standing next to his car in a nearby driveway asked them if they wanted a ride to catch the truck.

According to Lieutenant Scott W. Saunders of the Londonderry Police Department, “The girls declined and reported the incident to a parent. The matter was first investigated by the responding patrol officer and followed up by two detectives. Based on the information provided by the complainant, the driver of the car was positively identified by the detectives and subsequently interviewed at the police station and fully investigated. He was fully cooperative with the detectives and his account of the incident was consistent with that given by the girls. The driver had just arrived at a relative’s house and had seen the girls trying to catch the ice cream truck. He himself had grown up in the area and offered the ride as they walked by, about 30 feet away.

Neighbors contacted Londonderry Hometown Online News on Friday and asked why the police were so active in the neighborhood going door to door. Concerns were that something may have occurred that was placing the neighborhood in danger.

Lieutenant Saunders concluded, “It was determined that no foul play was attempted or suspected and the driver was merely seeking to help the girls catch the ice cream truck. We have no reason to believe it was anything other than a sincere offer and no further action is being taken.”

He continued, “While in this case we believe the offer of a ride to have been sincere, we commend the girls for showing real maturity and excellent judgment in not accepting the ride and immediately reporting the incident to their parents.”

When reviewing the facts from our interview with the resident that contacted us, John Grennon said, “I could not agree with you more about how proud we can be of  parents involved (that raised children to report attempts like this) and OUR top notch police department!”


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