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The first area of combining school and town functions presented will be on a agreement as it relates to operation of the cable studio. This step follows a joint meeting of the Londonderry Town Council and Londonderry School Board last summer. In that meeting tittled 10-2-5 by School Board Member Steve Young one of the publishers of this web site several items were identified as areas of possible consideration.

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • Cable Studio
  • MIS
  • Combined use of Town and School District Offices

10-2-5 stood for Ten Leaders, two Chief Executive Officers and at least Five ideas to save money and increase services.

The Superintendent of Schools, Nate Greenberg and the Town Manager, Dave Caron worked together and selected the Cable Studio as an option for saving operating expenses for Londonderry.

Proponents of the cable studio consolidation argue that this “will save money and expand services.” Opponents of the “takeover” feel that “This is about protecting 1stAmendment Rights of Free Speech” and that it “will not save that much money.” Other issues have been brought up by supporters and those that do not support the plan.

Nate is scheduled to present the plan he completed with Dave at the Town Council meeting on Monday. The meeting starts on February 2nd at 7pm.

This video was published on the internet under the title “Londonderry School board will “AGAIN” attempt again to takeover the Public Cable Access at a near future Town meeting. See the Video of the 2003 attempted take over.”

You may be interested in some of these news stories available on the issue.

Cable television Director Dottie Grover would be out of a job if the school district takes over the cable access center from the town.

The programming that runs on the town’s six cable channels also could suffer if the plan submitted by Superintendent Nate Greenberg were to gain the approval of the Town Council, according to Town Council Chairman Marty Bove.

The issue is scheduled for debate Monday night and Grover has asked the 150 volunteers at the center to stand up for the programs they create….

Read the full story in the Eagle Tribune by Eric Parry “Londonderry cable director’s job in question

Greenberg feels it would be an effective way of streamlining services and administration, and argues that the move would result in a savings of more than $40,000.

While we recognize that the proposal is in its infancy and many questions still need to be explored and answered, we believe that the town should give it serious consideration.

Greenberg’s plan represents not only a responsible and thoughtful effort to make municipal government more cost effective, it also shows a recognition of the place multi-media will occupy in the classroom of the 21st century.

Read the rest of this opinion in the Derry News “Cable access shift worth considering

Dottie Grover, director of cable services for the Town of Londonderry, sent an e-mail to her volunteers asking for support in keeping the Londonderry Access Center on the town’s budget.

This was in response to a proposal by Superintendent of Schools Nate Greenberg to have the school district take control of the access center, which would eliminate Grover’s position.

The proposal came as a result of the direction of the town council and school board last year to take a look at where money could be saved in the areas of human resources, finance and information technology.

Grover, who earns $80,879 in salary and benefits…

Read the rest of the story by Suzanne Laurent “School district proposes to take charge of cable studio” in the Derry News

Read the rest of the story for the full proposal crafted by Town Manager Dave Caron and Superintendent Nate Greenberg. Also attached is the latest of many press releases sent from the Cable Studio on Mondays meeting.

Click HERE for a PDF file of the Intermunicipal Agreement

Last Press Release issued From Londonderry Access Center Jan 29th 2009


LAC Volunteers and all PEG access supporters
Hello LAC Volunteers and all PEG access supporters,

This is a reminder that the future of the Londonderry Access Center will be on the Town Council agenda for next Monday, February 2, 2009 at 7PM in the Moose Hill meeting room at the Town Offices.

I am sure you have seen some articles in the newspapers over the last couple of weeks but I would suggest you review the Superintendent’s proposal for yourselves so I have included it in this letter.

If the proposal is approved by the Town Council, the School District will have exclusive use of the facility until noon every day and those of you who come here in the mornings to edit and/or get trained or to pickup or drop off equipment will not be allowed in the building until then.

There is also a layer of bureaucracy with the addition of an oversight board. The availability of staff and their responsibilities will also change.

I urge you to come to the meeting. In the past I have always been in a position to fight your battles for you but this time you need to show up and do that yourself. This is not about saving my job (although that would be nice), it is about protecting your 1st Amendment Rights of Free Speech!

Feel free to call if you have any questions (432-1147) and share this information with as many people as you can. Most importantly, be there yourself.

By the way, just a reminder, the LAC depends solely on fees paid by the cable company and does not impact the taxpayer in any way.

Thanks for all your support,



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  1. Vote -1 Vote +1tammy

    It is quite clear from this video that Dottie Grover has no respect for the town manager or the superintendent. If Arnie Arson, and her money making deal with Political Chowder were not filming during school classes would we care? Does Arnie live in Londonderry? This position does not deserve 80K a year after watching this video. I am for this hoax being ended. Close this down, and save the taxpayers money.

  2. Vote -1 Vote +1Glenn Douglas

    June 5th Consolidation Meeting between School Board and Town Council

    November 17th Town Council Meeting to Review $12,000 MRI Consulting Review of Town and School District
    Note the study did not include the Access Center

  3. Vote -1 Vote +1danlekas

    I attended the town meeting last night February 2, 2009 and got a chance to see how passionately people felt about the matter of the school system taking over the operations of the town’s public access station. I ‘ve posted copies of the proposal, Intermunicipal agreement and the details of the proposal on my web site for those who wish to read them. After listening to both sides and reading the documents presented I would have a difficult time being in favor of this merger. I feel that the purpose of a public access station should be that the public can access it. In the proposal access would be restricted for four hours a day with extended day hours and operation on Sunday. The full time director would be replaced by part time employees and the station would rely on volunteers from the community. This proposal was brought forth with the hope of saving the town 40,000 dollars……….maybe. Let’s remember that volunteers are people who willingly give up their personal free time to help out and they are in no way obligated to do so, unlike someone who must show up for work in order to get paid. The proposal has points that are iffy and the savings to the town would be a gamble. The consolidation would require the town to form a seven person committee three town councilors and three members of the school board with one person appointed by both to over see this. As a home owner I would like to see some tax relief but I just don’t see how the creation of a new committee , extended operating hours and the consolidation of the access station and the school would do anything but cost more in the end. We would also lose the proven leadership and experience that has made the cable access center a success and leave it in the hands of less experienced part time employees .In this time of troubled economics let’s not gamble with taxpayer money and hastily accept a proposal in the name of tax relief when the proposal could actually do just the opposite as well as have many other negative ramifications.
    Dan Lekas Candidate for Town Council

  4. Vote -1 Vote +1Glenn Douglas

    There needs to be some clarification on the tax savings. The Access center is paid for by Cable Subscribers Fees, not “tax money”, therfore if you do not have cable you don’t pay for the Center.

    The only way taxpayers will see tax releif is IF the Town Council were to allocate those fees to the general fund and not the Access Center. This would provide tax relief to ALL taxpayers, but it will be paid for by those who pay for cable.

    I also do not support the school districts proposal.

  5. Vote -1 Vote +1Anon L-NH

    School in charge of Access center = tax savings, more educational value and equal access for town residents later in the day/weekends

    Town in charge of Access center = paying 3 employees LARGE salaries to sit around all day in an empty building and no access for School

    The jig is up – transfer control to the School and we’ll all benefit.

  6. Vote -1 Vote +1Chris

    Are anonymous posts allowed around here? Cause whoever put that post up clearly doesn’t have big enough balls to stand behind such a stupid post with their own name…

    1. Vote -1 Vote +1Glenn Douglas

      In the end the end the fate of the Access Center will be made at a public meeting. At the last public meeting no one spoke in favaor of the School’s proposal. So now we have a number of anonymous web posts. Names and facts need not required, after all it’s just politics again.

  7. Vote -1 Vote +1admin

    Our terms of service are outlined in our Privacy page.

    In two years 3 posts have been removed two for foul language. One for inappropriate statements on a obituary. We ask that commenter’s also remember this is a family site with children that visit.

    For those that do not know, on the internet anonymous is nearly impossible.

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