Bomb scare at 15 Delta Drive, Training in the High School

At about 1pm True Green on Delta Drive near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport received a call indicating there was a bomb in the building. The company has evacuated the building. Police are presently setting up a command post on Harvey Road and have notified the airport. At 1:15 police are on the scene at Delta Drive with Londonderry Fire En route.

At about 1:18pm police released several officers as two entered the building with the manager of the company. Londonderry Fire had just arrived “joining a unified command” with police.

Police cleared from True Green at 3:05pm “No impending threat, information taken.”

Shooter in the High School

In a unrelated event at the same time a training exercise was going on at Londonderry High School. Under the leadership of Lieutenant Chris Gandia the exercise included 15 drama club members of the high school. Organized to help train new officers this local operation included up to 8 police officers. Held in the phase four section of the school both floors were utilized.

Londonderry School system had a early release today, no other students were involved with the event.


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