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New Orchard View Estates site Suffers 1000 Gallon Propane Tank Leak

At 12:12pm today the Londonderry Fire Department was notified of a gas leak at 9 Hovey Road. A contractor reported the leak in a Energy North Propane tank after backing into it. Command was established by Londonderry on Hovey Road with a Full First Alarm called in at 12:27 with a active leak in a 1000 gallon propane tank.

At 12:50 Londonderry had set up a pumper on nearby Londonderry Road to fill tankers from Londonderry and other nearby departments. Hudson, Derry, Winham and Bedford. Just after 1pm Londonderry Police shut off Hovey Road. Energy North arrived at the property owned by Onyx Property Development Inc. at about 12:52. These lots located on Hovey Road near Trolley Car Lane are known as Orchard View Estates, and over look Woodmont Orchards to the south and west. At about 1:10 Londonderry Command on Hovey Road called in 3 more tankers and a rehab unit. Just about that time Manchester arrived to staff central station should other needs arrive.

At 1:24 the leak was considered under control but Command held all companies as the tank was still leaking. At that time the fire chief on the scene thought that it would take another hour to contain the leak according to Londonderry Police. At 1:48 the leak was completely under control even so all companies were held until about 2:15 when other towns supporting the effort were released and Hovey Road was reopened.

The event by the Londonderry Fire Department and Police Department concluded without tragedy or loss of property. Except of course for one large propane tank.

Map image from Londonderry GIS system, click for larger view.


Paving Londonderry’s Future

Concept Plan meets reality!

The May 15th to 17th Londonderry Business Park Design Charrette in 2003 included a Western Sector Concept Plan that included 700 acres. Once mitigation is completed for the airport access road this area alone will still have between 400 and 500 acres available for development.

Concept plan from the 2003 Design Charrette

At the core of this development is the relocation and improvements to the Pettingill Road presently serving only a small portion of this area today. Dead heading near the end of Runway 35 a small gate blocks a dusty roadway leading to what could be the home of a Convention Center, Educational Facilities, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Mixed Use Villages, and First Class Office Parks.

In the Design Charrette a key issue was “The Location of Pettingill Road”

The location of Pettingill Road is a key issue in this area. Its placement dictates the location of many of the other elements that will follow. In its current, now defunct, location it follows a sandy path westerly from Harvey Road to the Manchester city line, where it formerly connected with local streets. As currently envisioned, Pettingill Road is to be the major east-west connector between Harvey Road and the Airport Access Road.

The design team recommends that the western end of Pettingill Road be moved southerly some 350 feet from its former location, so as to intersect with the Airport Access Road opposite the proposed connector to NH Route 3A.

Relocating the western end of Pettingill Road will both move the roadway further away from Little Cohas Brook and provide a more useful development site on the north side of Pettingill Road, as it intersects with the Airport Access Road.

The design team further recommends that Pettingill Road be developed as a limited access
boulevard. In fact, it recommends this design standard for the entire road network linking the Airport Access Road to NH Route 28 and Interstate 93.

This roadway will be a major arterial. Estimates are that the Airport and the business activity surrounding it will generate some 40,000 vehicle trips per day. It is assumed that those trips will divide roughly half coming to and from the east, and half coming to and from the west. The design team feels that a four lane divided highway, attractively landscaped and with modest paved shoulders could both handle this volume of traffic and meet the design recommendations of the public. In this area, the team envisioned major intersections at Harvey Road, at Industrial Drive, at the Airport Access Road, and one new one between the latter two. Access to all abutting lots would be through these collector road intersections, not from the boulevard itself.

North of Pettingill Road, the design team recommends siting a major convention center at the intersection with the Access Road. The balance of the land would become surface parking for car rental agencies, and infill development around the Airport.

South of Pettingill Road, the design team recommends a major mixed use development, with space for a corporate office park, an educational facility, industrial and manufacturing activity, warehousing/freight forwarding facilities, and sufficient retail to support the daily needs of the 5000 employees who might work here. It sees the potential for housing only in the extreme southerly section, perhaps as an extension of some of the Litchfield Road developments.

Such an approach, the design team believes, respects both the absolute constraints of the mitigation areas, and the general direction of the public. It creates a large, but not necessarily intense, mixed use development.

This May 20, 2008 plan prepared by Stantec Consulting for a Regional Executive luncheon hosted by the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Authority to stimulate interest and Economic Growth in the region. Click for a larger version.

What could be home to 3.6 million square feet of development this area is clearly a future asset to Londonderry, greater Manchester and the entire Southern New Hampshire region.

For more information on this spectacular area open for development read;

Manchester-Boston Regional Airport Access Road starts to soar

Londonderry Convention Center

Also use our custom search engine to search all Londonderry, New Hampshire private and public sites.

Images courtesy Town of Londonderry.


Friends of Steve Silva Benefit Spaghetti Dinner

Monday, Sept. 22nd at 6:00  -  Londonderry High School Café

Suggested donation:
$8.00 for adults   -   $5.00 for children/students

Steve Silva is a wonderful dad, a great friend and a longtime Wildcats football coach who recently had a liver transplant.  You can help us help the Silva family with your donations.

If you are unable to attend the dinner but would like to make a contribution your donation may be mailed to:

Steve Silva Family Fund
c/o LYFS
P.O Box 216
Londonderry, NH 03053


Londonderry Funway Park Playground Expands

Location: Funway Park Playground at Nelson Road
When: Sunday, September 28, 8:30AM

While Lara McIntiyre was viewing the new Londonderry Playground Video she already had a solution to a problem, “In response to parents looking for seating and shade at Funway Park – those are coming! On Sunday, Sept. 28th, Project P.L.A.Y. will be putting together benches, a shade structure and some picnic tables, and we’d love some help! Contact Lara at lmwmcintyre@yahoo.com if you can come lend a hand – we’ll be starting at 8:30am that morning, but please stop by at any time if you have some time to volunteer on this truly community effort!”

Tools, shovels, 5 gal. buckets will be needed – if you can bring something, please contact Lara. If you cannot help out that day but are interested in dropping off drinks or refreshments, please let her know. Thanks to all, for making this project such a great community effort!

Visit the Project P.L.A.Y. website for further information.

View “Here we are at the Londonderry Playground!” for a great show by director EJ Lee on how fun this new playground is for your little girl or boy!


Londonderry High Winds and Power Outages

From the National Weather Service.
In Londonderry and surrounding towns, winds will continue to gust up to 45 mph this morning.

Strong gusty west winds will continue through the morning hours. Winds will gust around 45 mph at times. This may cause downed branches across the region with isolated power outages.

Winds will slowly subside during the afternoon hours.

The Grey Maine Weather service can be found on this webpage.

From Public Service of New Hampshire

Current Power Outage Information

PSNH is reporting scattered outages throughout the state Monday morning as a result of gusty winds bring down some branches onto power lines.
Approximately 2,100 (twenty-one hundred) customers are reported w/o power as of 10:30 a.m.
PSNH crews are working to make repairs and restore power to all customers.

PSNH serves 475,000 homes and businesses in New Hampshire.

11:15 Update

The photo is of 56 Adams Road, the Hometown Online News Scanner indicates that PSNH has repaired the line and is switching power back on in this area soon at the Cross Road intersection. Like to listen to the Londonderry Police and Fire Scanner? Click HERE to visit our Scanners Page.


Local ROTC Marine Seeks Your Help

Robert Paradis, son of Londonderry residents Joe and Joanne Paradis, is seeking your assistance in raising funds for his team which will be running in the Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday, September 21. Paradis, a senior at the University of Maine, and a 2nd Lieutenant-Select in the Marine Corp ROTC Program, is participating for his third straight year in this event which, last year, raised an incredible $230,000 in the fight to cure breast cancer.

“We’ve decided to help by raising whatever pledges we can in connection with our participation in the race,” said Paradis. “It’s a fun time for us – we’re used to running much longer distances for our PT (physical training). But the cause here is also very worthwhile. And I’m dedicating my run to my grandmother, who had breast cancer.”

To donate through Paradis’ personal Komen Race web page, click on the links below. Last day to donate is Saturday, September 20. Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt.

We can find a cure for breast cancer… together!
Click HERE to visit Rob’s personal web page and help him in his efforts to support Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Maine Affiliate

When we published this story Robert Paradis had reached the halfway point on his goal (of course in typical Paridise fashion some of that was from Rob! Thanks to any that can help him along in a large or small way.