Sunncrest Farmstand Open Today, Mack’s open Tomorrow

The rain looks like it may clear for Old Home Day this week! If you are just a bit down or grumpy because of all this record rainfall, look at the bright side. It is a bit hard to get out to all our Londonderry farms for U-Pick fruits and vegetables right now. Why not stop in to the Sunnycrest Farmstand? While our happy little apple boy on the wall inside the farm stand rebuilt from old barn parts years ago by the Hick’s brothers is begging “Apples Please!” do not fear, they are not far away. Till then, why not pick up some fresh produce, corn, tomatoes, squash, beans and raspberries all fresh and local is waiting for you nice and dry inside.

They are open today, if you wait you will have your selection of Sunnycrest or Mack’s Farmstand because Mack’s apples opens tomorrow! The ice cream stand has been open since May 2nd, this will be the main produce stand full of apples in the fall. We expect it will be full of produce, we have seen the Farm Manager Mike out tending the huge vegetable field on the corner of Cross Road and Adams Road. Hey kids! How cool would it be to live on a road that had your name in it like Mr. Mike Cross does? Then again how cool would it be to have hundreds of acres of fruits and vegetables in your own backyard!

Mack’s Farmstand opens August 13th 2008

Evelyn Wenell and Grandmother Evelyn Anderson picking out corn

Evelyn Wendell of Derry and her 89 year young grandmother Evelyn Anderson of Londonderry select the best ears from the crate located in Sunnycrest Farm Stand last summer.


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