Peterson Sugar House Open

Peterson Sugar House in the snowfall of March 28th 2008 Londodnerry, New Hampshire

Hank Peterson’s Sugar House “Smokin” yesterday (March 28th) at about noon as the snow came down.

What a morning! Cold clear night, warming today with yesterday’s blanket of snow covering the ground. The premier Sugar House in the southern New Hampshire region is open all this weekend as are other maple groves in the state.

Bucket sliping the snow and night frost at Peterson Sugar House Londonderry, New HampshireThe warm sunlight breaking over town with the crispy snow and coating of ice provided a great container to capture the sugar shack at sunrise. Hank did catch us hunting the sun, in his soon to be packed operation. As he stepped out onto the porch of his connected farmhouse he said “Won’t be smokin till 10″ dressed only in his fuzzy blue bathrobe he looked about 15 feet tall up on the steps to the farmhouse from the pathway leading to the shack. “I got help coming in at 10 and more at 11, we’ll be ready by noon for the crowds” Hank left us to our film, and made it a point that he had pecans cooking he had to tend to.

  • Open Today from Noon to 5pm
  • Open Sunday from Noon to 5pm

28 Peabody Row

If you do stop in pick up some real Londonderry Maple Syrup. It is all natural, organic, delicious on ice cream, baked apples, hot and cold cereal, pancakes, waffles, French toast and fruit. Use Peterson’s Maple Syrup instead of sugar when baking cakes, pies and muffins. Or do like Hank does, pour some over warm pecans.

Like to see more pictures of the Sugar Shack captured on film just this morning? Visit our Hometown Online News Darkroom.

This is all our raw film from this morning, we hope you enjoy a peak into our wonderful town Londonderry, New Hampshire!


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