Warm Homes Fundraiser Begins December 1st

From Monday December 1, 2014 – Friday January 9, 2014 students in all Londonderry Schools are encouraged to contribute one dollar to support Londonderry’s Fuel Assistance Program “Warm Homes”. With 4,400 students enrolled district-wide the goal is to raise at least $4,000 to support the program.

At the high school students will be asked to consider a donation in the amount of what they spend daily for “luxuries” such as a medium iced coffee, an energy drink, or pack of gum.

Warm Homes is a division of Londonderry Comforts, a local organization dedicated to help Londonderry families in crisis. Warm Homes provides limited fuel assistance to residents. The Warm Homes Program wants to help as many Londonderry residents as possible. This program is just a small way the community can help the elderly, a family that suffers an illness, a professional who has lost their job, or a single mom or dad that needs a little extra help. In recent years Warm Homes has been able to lend a hand to 85 families annually. The past success of “Dollar Days” has played an important role in supporting their mission.

Recipients are entitled to a one-time delivery of 100 gallons of heating fuel – oil, gas or the equivalent dollar amount towards electric heat or wood. This year working hand in hand with the Town of Londonderry, Warm Homes will fall under the leadership of Community Health Services (CHS). CHS is an innovative partnership of non-profit and for-profit entities that have come together with the shared goal of connecting people with the most appropriate resource available to them in order to meet their needs, CHS is a program funded entirely through grants and donations. No other program in the Greater Derry region provides the range of opportunities to connect with resources and services that CHS does. All donations to Warm Homes will be used in Londonderry only.

Donations of any amount will gladly be accepted – no amount is too small. Checks may be made out to Warm Homes and brought to school during Dollar Days. Anyone interested in making a contribution may send donations to Warm Homes P.O. Box 329, Londonderry, New Hampshire 03053. Warm Homes is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.


Jr Monarchs Squirt Premier Team are Champions

The Pizza Man NH Jr Monarchs Squirt Premier Team are champions.  The Jr Monarchs competed in the 2004 Elite Prospects Showcase hosted by Tri Town Ice Arena November 14-16th.   The Squirt Premier team is coached by Jeremy Vega and sponsored by The Pizza Man of Hooksett.  The 2004 Jr Monarchs played teams from New Jersey, Rhode Island, Long Island and Massachusetts.  In the final championship game they were the underdog but beat the Rhode Islands Saints 7-4 to come out as the winner.  Players hale from Londonderry, Derry, Manchester, Hooksett, Laconia, Weare, Nashua, Concord, Bedford, and Bow.Jr. Monarchs Team photo


Londonderry Middle School Quarter 1 Honor Roll

Did you know….
The mound in the circular fire drive in back of the school was the leach field for the school from the time it was built through the last decade? The municipal area of Mammoth Road is now served by sewer, including the middle school. A pump house for a sewage pressure main is on the property just to the north. Small drainage ponds dot the school property and are at times used for irrigation on the fields.

Londonderry Middle School
2014-2015 1st Quarter Honor Roll
High Honors
Grade 6
Allen, Elizabeth Dwyer, Marlena Lindquist, Greggory
Anderson, Riley Ellis, Hannah Longua, Nicole
Bilodeau, Ariana Fackovec, Rebecca MacDonnell, Owen
Breton, Mianna Fitzpatrick, Meghan Maguire, Jillian
Bristol, Samantha Fortier, Tanner McCudden, Katie
Brunette, Evelyn Frazier, Sarah Mobbs, Alana
Butler, Carly Galluzzo, Jordan Nikolaidis, Sophia
Cabeza, Raissa Grela, Elexis Ollis, Ashley
Calusdian, Garrett Griffin, Matthew Page, Gabrielle
Conde, Jasmin Griffin, Ryan Ramy, Anthony
Cote, Amara Gruchot, Alexander Root, Delaney
Cournoyer, Kayla-Marie Halfinger, Hanna Ruppel, Jacob
Cowette, Emily Harpster, Katherine Smith, Hunter
Desmarais, Hannah Heenan, William Solano, Dylan
Detellis, Emma Hodson, Alexandria Steele, Benjamin
Dodge, Kylee Hutchinson, Jaelee Stowell, Jenna
Donnelly, Emma Kearns, Delaney Walden, Madison
Dow, Morgan Kraics, Tyler Witkop, Kaitlin
Drabik, Anna Laconto, Collin Young, Ryan
Grade 7
Anderson, John Ethier, Julia Mohr, Heather
Anstey, Meagan Fongeallaz, Connor Mooers, James
Baum, Lea Galluzzo, Olivia Norton, Molly
Berry, Oliver Gil, Kara Perry, Alexandria
Bompastore, Stephen Gore, Timothy Poirier, Brenna
Borovicka, Cailin Haas, Anna Ponto, Celia
Boudreau, Jaxon Henson, Evelyn Richards, Jasmine
Boudreau, Logan Hotter, Dylan Robbins, Benjamin
Boufford, Caitlin Jones, Douglas Rouse, Owen
Buckley, Maura Kemball-Cook, William Seibert, Samuel
Byerly, Ethan Komst, Giovanna Shay, Courtney
Calawa, Kelly LaCerda, Katie Stanley, Joseph
Cournoyer, Dustin Lagasse, Molly Stowell, Joseph
Court, Rachel Lessard, Teagan Stowell, Olivia
DeMeo, Jillian Maheras, Kathryn Thumma, Aakash
Dieffenbach, Sage McDonough, Cailey Veneri, Matthew
Doherty, Lauren Miller, Owen Walen, Shannon
Ellis, Abigail Misiaszek, Peter Williams, Cassidy
Grade 8
Belville, Ty Hatem, Emily Nigro, Tara
Berube, Joshua Hilliard, Maya Nimetz, Alexis
Brockney, Julia Hooper, Sean Packard, Megan
Brooks, Natalie Huntting, Katherine Palmer, Abigail
Brown, Hannah Hutchinson, Anna Palumbo, Samuel
Brown, Jack Iaconis, Elizabeth Payeur, Noah
Brutus, Morgan Jarvis, Alyssa Pento, Alyssa
Cashin, Andrea Julian, Courtney Plakyda, Jennifer
Chau, Zachary Karlson, Sophia Provost, Katarina
Clark, Britney Kelly, Ceara Psaledas, Benjamin
Cook, Rachel Kelly, Seana Quitongan, Alex-Ruben
Cowles, Abigail Kennedy, Michael Sanborn, Madison
Crain, Kevin Laconto, Stephanie Sessa, Sierra
Cranmer, James Lagasse, Henry Severn, Audrey
Crowley, Maegan LeClair, Brian Shapleigh, Nicholas
Curry, Cassidy Leonard, Erin Smith, Austin
Escott, Jacob Lynch, Ashley Soucy, Catherine
Evans-Richards, Ashley MacIntyre, Parker Stack, Jayden
Feldmann, Eli Malik, Noor Sylvain, Leah
Fernandez, Brittney Marchant, Travis Thompson, John
Fitzgibbons, James Martin, Candice Thomson, Brooke
Galan, Miranda Martin, Zachary Todd, Isabel
Galluzzo, Joshua Mayo, Jocelyn Touch, Vituu
Garvey, William McCutcheon, Hannah Town, Matthew
Goes, Joshua McEvoy, Andrea Turcotte, Louis
Goodspeed, Ian Melnik, Blake Vanagel, Haley
Graceffa, Natalie Methot, Melanie Varnum, Taylor
Griffin, Alyssa Miller, Samantha Velie, Paige
Hagearty, Patrick Mullen, Lauren Wells, Amanda
Haney, Emily Nicoli, Mary Yerian, Olivia
Harris, Jackelyn

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Londonderry Teen Dies after Car Crash Yesterday

2 PM Update

The victim’s identity was released this afternoon. He was identified as Craig Fairweather.

Original Story

A 16 year old male from Londonderry has died after a fatal car accident on Hall Road at Little Cohas Brook in Londonderry yesterday.

At 4:10 PM on November 24, 2014, the Londonderry Police Department received a call indicating a car had driven into the brook but it was unknown if it was occupied. Police and Fire personnel arrived within minutes of the call and the vehicle was winched out of the brook. Once the vehicle was righted, a male subject was found inside.

It was unknown at the time if there were others in the vehicle. As a precaution, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Dive Team was called out to check for anyone that may have been thrown from the vehicle. No one was found.

The driver was removed from the car and transported Elliot Hospital. It was reported to the Londonderry Police Department at 9:53 PM last night that the victim was deceased. There are no details as to the cause of death.

Londonderry’s Technical Accident Reconstruction Team was activated and is investigating the cause of the accident. There are no other details as to the cause of the accident or possible impairment of the victim.


Tips to Stay Safe this Thanksgiving Day

The New Hampshire Fire Marshal is urging everyone to be safety conscious this holiday season. With Thanksgiving approaching, the increase in cooking and holiday lighting like candles and other decoration poses an even greater potential risk of fires and fire-related deaths.

A recent report by the United State Fire Administration shows the average number of reported residential fires on Thanksgiving Day nearly doubles, compared to the average number of reported residential fires on all days other than Thanksgiving.

The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s Office, along with the National Association of State Fire Marshals, has issued the following tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday season.

Cooking Safety
Pay attention while cooking, especially when using oils and grease. Cooking appliances should be kept clean of grease build-up, which can easily ignite. Applying a lid to a small grease fire is usually the most effective and safest method of controlling it. Trying to carry a pan that’s on fire is extremely dangerous because it can ignite clothes or spill, causing severe burns. If the fire is inside your oven, turn off the heat and leave the door closed to cut off the fire’s air supply.

Young children should be kept away from cooking appliances to prevent any mishaps. It’s always a good idea to use back burners when possible and keep pot handles turned to the inside so they won’t be pulled or knocked over. Check stoves and other appliances before going to bed or leaving your home to make sure that the units are left in the “off” position.

With the increased popularity of frying turkey, NFPA and the National Burn Foundation warn consumers and discourage the use of turkey fryers. Tests have shown that many of the fryers have a risk of tipping over, overheating, or spilling hot oil, leading to fires and burns. The suggested alternative is to have a commercial professional prepare the turkey.

Holiday Lights
Inspect holiday lights each year for frayed wires, bare spots, gaps in the insulation, broken or cracked sockets. To avoid overloading electrical outlets, do not link more than three light strands unless the directions indicate it is safe. However tempting, it is not recommended to leave your lights burning overnight or while you are away from home.

Candle Safety
If you choose to use lit candles, make sure they are in stable holders and place them where they cannot be easily knocked down. Never leave lit candles unattended. Lit candles should not be placed on or near your Christmas tree or near anything that can burn. Young children can be fascinated with a burning flame, so be sure candles are not in reach of curious hands.

General Household Safety
Now is a great time to make sure your smoke alarms are in working order and to review your home escape plan so that if in the event of a fire, everyone in your household knows how to get out quickly and safely. For even greater protection, consider installing a residential fire sprinkler system, which actually stops the spread of fire, protecting lives and property.


Special Photo Op with Santa at Manchester Mall

The Mall of New Hampshire in Manchester is offering more than just an opportunity to have your children photographed with Santa Claus this holiday season. Beginning on December 1, 2014, guests can bring their pets to the mall for pictures with Father Christmas.

For three special nights only, pets can pose with Santa in the center of the mall. On December 1, December 8, and December 15, from 6 until 8 PM each of those nights, Santa will be available for a furry photo shoot.

The mall asks that guests keep their pets on leashes at all times and use the mall entrance bewteen JCPenney and Ulta.